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Merging talents and musical backgrounds

Secta is an artist-led Middle East community based event & record label focused on high energy rolling and hypnotic techno. Our mission is to merge talents and musical backgrounds, bridging the gap across regions. We want you to connect to our specific sound and discover club culture through our collective spirit. 

Secta was founded in 2021 out of pure spirit and love for music. We are a collective of passionate curators, producerssound engineers and creatives from all around the world. Secta delivers and crafted over time a unique new distinctive sound experience in the region. High energy, dancefloor driven and intelligent techno that aims to create a pure raw atmosphere of joy and belonging on the dancefloor. Combined with our cutting edge production and pure passion, Secta allows people to connect and find themselves through musical exploration in a safe space.

Our Secta community aims to attract like-minded people from various different backgrounds and cultures that mainly identifies with being creative, alternative and with a deep love for electronic music. We also focus on starting conversations within our community of music, art, culture and more.


No business smart attire (eg NO smart shirts, smart polos, smart dresses, smart heels).

Intoxicated people won’t be allowed in, please don’t approach the door drunk. The venue security and staff reserves the right to refuse entry to any person they deem unsuitable / No Weirdos Policy to keep the party safe. If you are refused entry please do not argue with security and door staff. Entry is not a negotiation.

Q UNDERGROUND Dress Code: No flip flops, sliders. No traditional dress. No tight tank tops for men.


On the dancefloor we advice you to keep phone usage at minimumNO FLASH!!!

Always let loose and have fun considering others next to you, please address and treat each other with respect!

Violence / Hate Speech / Physical & Verbal abuse = leave the club.

Everyone MUST comply with local UAE laws of conduct.

Secta is a music event and record label, always be respectful of our mission and extreme hard work to bring to the region the best quality electronic music.



We are working with a caring awareness team that will assist you in any form necessary. If you or one of your friends are not feeling well, or have witnessed a disrespectful incident, please do not hesitate to talk to the team, they are there to help you and make sure the party is a safe place for everyone. Please reach the awareness team around the club for assistance or text via telegram 0555289953. 

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