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Secta invites: Grace Dahl

​We are excited to host friend, Dj, producer and Vault Sessions Resident Grace Dahl 🌶️ Grace is a force of nature and be sure to be blown away by her craft and high energy sets. She is not scared to get deeper in the genre and get creative with her sets. For those who love nuances of harder sounds, you are in for a treat 🌶️ 
Grace has been part of major events worldwide, to name a few: Awakenings, Vault Sessions, Intercell, FUSE, RSO, Intercell, FOLD and more.

Along side Grace, our very own Baby B and Sonchauni will take you in a real cheeky booty shaking journey. 

PRESALE Early Birds + DOOR SALE Available / door policy here

Get your Wristbands


Secta Special: Record Label Night with Audio Units, Benza, Ju Lovett

We are thrilled to celebrate our growing record label with a few of the amazing artists that have released with us in the past year. Indian duo Audio Units have been synonymous with quality techno over the years. They are among some of the few breakthrough artists that managed to release on major labels have gained global recognition for their amazing sound and skill sets. Along side them, rising star Benza who is already being labelled as one of the hottest producers out there + our very own Ju Lovett.

PRESALE Early Birds + DOOR SALE Available / door policy here


Secta invites: Blasha & Allatt

We are super excited to host one of our fav duo Blasha & Allatt
Honorary Mancunian natives and co-founders of the infamous Meat Free party which is hailed as one of the wildest techno raves in the UK. Their style waves through high energy techno and house, their sets are a relentless force that have regularly blessed dancefloors at clubs such as FOLD, Berghain and Radion to name a few.

PRESALE Early Birds + DOOR SALE Available / door policy here


Concrete x Secta

Based in Amman Jordan, Concrete invited Dubai based record label and event series to take over MASS Amman on Friday the 17th, featuring Concrete’s residents Fouad, JAS and Zmaili followed by Secta’s residents Kirill Zhan, Dea, Ju Lovett and Baby B.


Secta invites: Yanamaste

We are excited to finally host Georgian artist Yanamaste. Khidi and Vault Sessions resident, we followed this young talent since few years back and we watched him become one of the hottest names in the techno scene today.

A well rounded musician and producer, behind the decks he's all about selection/digging, different mixing skills and flow /dynamic shifts creating journey sets filled of hypno sequences, fat basslines, and sharp grooves. 

PRESALE Early Birds + DOOR SALE Available / door policy here


Secta invites: Stef Mendesidis LIVE

We are incredibly excited to host in the steamy basement one of the best and  most recognised live techno artists: Stef Mendesidis. Expect a unique, energetic and dynamic live show driven by unparalleled talent sure to ignite the dancefloor.

Bringing an artist of this quality in the region is another milestone for our small team and community. We expect presale to go quick for this special show, grab early to avoid disappointments.  


BCCO Showcase

A year after we welcomed Bassiani, we are excited to host another big showcase with the renowned Berlin record label BCCO. BCCO paved the way and crafted the underground techno scene of today through numerous releases characterise of seductive rhythms, groovy patterns and warm techno. Secta will host their top notch renowned artists Phil Berg and Slin on Dec 1st.

Dec 1st will also mark the launch of our Secta record label. We call our amazing community to come and support us in this special moment in time.


Frumos x Secta

Based in Tashkent Uzbekistan, alternative collective Frumos invited Dubai based record label and event series to take showcase our sound at Hudud, featuring their residents and Secta’s residents Kirill Zhan, Dea, Ju Lovett and Baby B.


Secta Record Label launch

CANCELLED: Secta is striking and mourning for Gaza. 

We are thrilled to launch our Record Label and our first release VA001. The first record label of its kind in the region, merging talents, musical backgrounds and bridging the gap across regions. Excited to finally have Sonchauni on our lineup; a fundamental collective's member since Secta’s early days. Sonchauni is an active member of the Dubai alternative scene, working at the Flip Side and co-founding the newest youth oriented party Sub.enema 

Door Sale for Secta Members only, limited space! 



Secta invites: Sudz

This Secta we are excited to host regional talent from Bahrain: Sudz. Sudz quickly built a reputation for his vigilant crate digging and layered dancefloor focused sets. His sound remains on the boundaries between chilling hypnotic and speedy grooves, all under a relentless 4/4 drum line.We are excited to bring to you Sudz on Sept 30th. Presale early birds + limited door sale / more info here


Analog Room x Secta

Embodying techno, house, and vinyl culture, Analog Room has been reenergizing Dubai’s club scene with a multitude of special projects including podcasts and creative events for the past 10 years. At the centre of it, is their parties at the Q Underground which features artists from all over the world.Analog Room invited Secta to showcase on August 25th. Presale + door sale available.


Secta Special

A very special, pop-up event to celebrate our beloved Secta's co-founder Ju Lovett. As an unassuming force in the world of techno, Ju has been quietly shaping Dubai's burgeoning electronic music scene. With a passion for raw, hypnotic, and high-energy rolling techno, Ju Lovett has emerged as a key figure in the city and has brought more than 2 decades of experience in the music industry to the Secta Collective. Growing with grace and relentless energy he remains one of the driving forces behind our collectives continual growth and development.


Bult x Secta

Bult is a uniquely handcrafted space for the non-mainstream electronic music in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Being a gravitational pull for diverse communities, club is known for its independent and alternative friendly policies. Bult invited Secta to showcase on May 27th.


Secta invites: Alarico

Alarico is an incredible producer and is one of the artists that deeply shaped our sound and shaped the new modern rolling techno scene. He’s known for his kinky high tempo, high energy, rolling overlaps and infectious rhythms using mostly his own produced tracks. We are soooooooo thrilled to have him performing at Secta on April 29th!


Secta invites: BAUGRUPPE90

Based in the hive of techno and nightlife culture, BAUGRUPPE90 is the brainchild of Louis Köhler and Paul Vogler. Inspired by brutalist industrial aesthetics and blending influences from mid 90’s DNB, House and early 2000’s techno to synthesising a completely new, timeless sound. Their sound is funky, fresh and cheeky groovy rolling techno. Excited to have them on March 18th.


Secta invites: MARRØN

MARRØN is always trying to exceed the limits of himself and the crowd, with his fast but extremely rhythmic sound driven by his roots. Highly inspired by the powerful and strong-willed Marrons who freed themselves from slavery to live freely in the primeval forest of Surinam. Starting his musical evolution with Afro Deep, characterized by its African beats and used these elements to connect with techno music. The freedom and diversity of techno persuaded him to really dig into the underground scene and create a name of his own. This sound contains African groove and a powerful but atmospheric techno sound with which he aims to hypnotize the crowd to stay on the dancefloor for hours. Join us on Feb 25th.


Secta invites: Cravo

We kick start the new year with the Portuguese techno master Cravo. Over the years he has helped paved the way for the high energy hypnotic, rolling techno scene and he’s one of the founding members of the highly respected Hayes Collective. Cravo’s style is deep to tough, his sets and live acts are designed for the dancefloor, crafted to take dancers on a journey full of groove and psychedelic loops. See you all on January 28th.


Secta x Bassiani

The time has finally come to welcome the infamous Bassiani to Dubai on Saturday 17th of December. We believe this is a really important step for our small but ever growing alternative underground scene.
Lurking below the hulking concrete cantilevers of Tbilisi’s Dinamo Arena, an Olympic-sized doughnut near the banks of the Mtkvari river, is one of the greatest nightclubs in the world, and since opening in 2014, has made Tbilisi a dream destination for Techno tourists. However on the 17th of December the people of Dubai can experience a taste of this Georgian techno behemoth at the grand opening of Industrial Avenue.


Secta invites: Cyrill Reaidy

Inspired by metal, hip hop, and dub, Cyrill Reaidy digs electronic music with broken beats, heavy bass lines, and psychedelic notes. Cyrill is co-founder of Moist Paper Party, and he's currently developing his live electronic music performance. Join us on Nov 26th.


Secta invites: Lobster

Dutch DJ/Producer Lobster is one of the finest examples of the emerging rolling and high energy techno scene. As a Vault Sessions resident (our favourite event in Amsterdam) he has been tearing up the dancefloor with his relentless grooves. From his catalog of releases on labels such as Room Trax, Warok, Oecus, to his legendary sets at Radion and Bret to name a few, we literally cannot wait to hear him blast our gorgeous Danley rig on October 29th.


Secta invites: Karam Toubba

Never afraid to go too hard, his musical selections are his own world. Having grown up on heavy metal music like Death Metal, Doom Metal, and being a fan of Ambient music, Drum & Bass and Jungle... all lead him to find his own love & appreciation for Techno. Toubba developed a strong mix of musical influences at an early age. Today, his way of playing Techno has become into mixes where he picks dark, deep and powerful musical pieces put together for a memorable experience. A very active member of the music scene in Dubai, Toubba played in various bands as a vocalist. He began his DJ-ing journey playing Drum & Bass and Jungle, moving into Techno as his last move, narrowing down to a group of genres that he loves most.
Join us on September 30th.


Secta invites: Melina Blanco

Originally from Costa Rica, Tbilisi based Melina Blanco's productions and live performances explore electronic music that range in different styles, some are techno, ambient, breakbeat and electro. Join us on September 30th.


Secta invites: Josho

Lebanese born, Josho will deliver a hybrid hypnotic live set on July 30th. See you on the dancefloor.


Secta invites: Bilal S

Canadian/Indian Bilal S will join our roster on June 25th. See you on the dancefloor.


Secta invites: Bazzzuk

Representing some of the hottest fingers, gems and moves of our region, Armenian roots, Dubai based Bazzzuk is an eclectic well rounded DJ. Raised by the Wu-Tang Clan and later adopted by K Hand’s family and that impacted the sound she likes to give when playing. She prefers it groovy, bumpy and spicy without genre limitations and boundaries.



Back with a r/evolution. Our humble house party takes a new form on March 19th. A new space awaits for the alternative techno community in Dubai. A fast paced, high tempo rolling techno community who seeks the alternative. We create a safe space, come as you are, good people, great music.

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